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Always Drink Your Water Like This

  Water is by far the beverage of choice, especially if you are a health conscious individual who fully understands the power of water to nourish and sustain life. While the human body can go about 3 weeks without food, … Continue reading

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Cypher crooks

Phone call from so called tech support people claiming they are from Microsoft,Dell etc offering to repair problems with your PC beware see attached link Sophos just posted an excellent article on this subject. Here is a link to it: … Continue reading

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Autism signs ‘present in first months’ of life

Autism signs ‘present in first months’ of life By Helen Briggs BBC News Eye tracking experiments were used to detect signs of autism Continue reading the main story Related Stories Autistic kids miss non-verbal clues An early indication of autism … Continue reading

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Renewable Energy

here area number of  Renewable Technologies available today which can reduce your need for fossil fuels ie coal,Gas Oil  for example Photvoltaic Solar Panel Photo Voltaic Cells are able to convert light into electricity     Keep in mind that … Continue reading

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Dublin Transport System

Why is it that Dublin has such a terrible transport System 1. Priority of road building over public transport system during 1960-70 where funds where available from the EU for infrastructure developments. 2. Irish people preference for the car rather … Continue reading

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7 myths about cats

o cats really like milk and can they read your mind? Surprising new finds suggest it’s time to forget what you think you know about your feline companion, writes Dr John Bradshaw. We all think we know our cats. They … Continue reading

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