Sky wireless connector

Ordered wireless connector from Sky the other day, being a Sky Customer you get it for €12.49. There were no problems connecting it to my network. My router had been upgraded by UPC so I am getting good broadband speeds. The best part of it is the on demand which gives you the option of watching  box sets, sky box office,4od etc

This is additional option but nevertheless you are still limited by the Sky package that you have.

There is also Sky Store where you pay per movie, you need a telephone line for this which if you have the UPC telephone modem does not pose a problem. The catch with this is that the payment for the film purchased is added to your bill and not debited straight from your account away so that mount up to my horror and works out more expensive than say Netflix

I may revert to reading books instead. One option if you do not have wifi enabled TV or Xbox is use the power plugs I have has a bad experience with the one I had which I bought relatively cheap on EBay. That may have been the problem rather than a brand named device. Installing an Ethernet cable from your router is another option but if the router is upstairs it requires a lot of time and effort to install.



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