Dublin Transport System

Why is it that Dublin has such a terrible transport System

1. Priority of road building over public transport system during 1960-70 where funds where available from the EU for infrastructure developments.

2. Irish people preference for the car rather than public transport

3. Letting Politicians involved in planning for a forward thinking transport system,ie dismissing the idea of a metro because it would be to expensive which proved to be inaccurate as Spanish Engineer offered to build an underground system for a fraction of the initial budget price.

4. Former Minister for Transport  referred to the crime that will occur down in the bowels of the metro and she gave an example of New York Metro as we all no know now there is zero crime tolerance.There an example of a metro across the pond and it is not total mayhem in the underground.

5. No joined up thinking

6. Forcing politicians to use public transport so that they can get a feel for how the other half  live.

The system that is available in the current time

Luas and Dart,Bus,Train

The negative point of the existing systems

1. If you don’t live close to luas/Dart line it not worth the time/ effort to drive to a luas/dart stop

2. The expensive of parking at a luas stop when to encourage people to use public transport there should be free off street parking/car parks

3. Example of the silly system,if you live in citywest for example and you want to get to dunlaoghaire you must get a luas to town and then get a dart to dunlaogahire or get a 75 to dunlaoghaire which would take approx 2 hours

4. Overcrowding of the existing system, concede this is common whatever system you use but for small our population it should not be an issue


A metro is needed,underground and overground to serve all areas of Dublin



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