Renewable Energy

here area number of  Renewable Technologies available today which can reduce your need for fossil fuels ie coal,Gas Oil  for example

Photvoltaic Solar Panel

Photo Voltaic Cells are able to convert light into electricity fig15eere-grid-connectedrev




Keep in mind that in Ireland that a standard size solar cell say 1.65m (l)x 0.992m(w) Panel will only produce approx 500 Watts of Electricity(Around max of Solar Cell) which would only produce electricity  say 5 number 100 Watt lamps.This technology is developing at a fast rate nevertheless where rolls of photovolatic cells and can be spread across a roof.

Solar Thermal Hot Water Systems



The above system can be combined with a Heat Pump as during the winter  the effectiveness of the panels will be reduced

Air to water Heat Pump

Air to water heat pump has a COP (Coefficient of Performance (see Wikipedia for full definition)) which is a ratio of 1:3 say air temp outside is 15 degrees the heat pump will produce a temp of 45 degrees.Underfloor heating which is connected to the heat pump needs only 40 degrees because it is a slow release of heat.If radiator are being used they need to be of a special construction that can be efficient at 40 degrees rather than the normal temp which is around 70 degrees.

Daikin stand 2

Combined Solar/Heat Pump


Solar,Heat Pumps can be combined with a normal Fossil fuel heating system rather like a hybrid car where there is less reliance on fossil fuels and the continuing fuel increases of such fuels.

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