Alternative to Windows XP,Vista

Has your hard disk died on you and you need replacement hard disk and OS.You don’t want to fork out for new Windows OS why not try Linux Mint or some other flavour from Linux ie Ubuntu 12.1. and of course it is free

It has it pros and cons but you get wordpress/Internet access and a lot of free
open source software

1. Download ISO 32bit or 64 bit(64 bit is the most popular) screen capture 2013-3-21-11-50-58


2 Download IMG Burn from

3 Burn ISO Image to CD using the write image file to disk option in image burn (or to USB stick see page pull down)



Linux provides free software  to use with Linux OS.Firefox,and numerous other software packages

Microsoft office will not run with office but there are equivalents ie Open office org or Libre Office 4 where you can open Microsoft Word or Excel files.

Please leave your comments in connection with your experience with Linux

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