IT in schools

IT which incorporates numerous areas from coding/programming,Networking,PC Maintenance is  neglected in Irish Schools.It appears that unless the Principal is interested in IT Literate Computers literacy will fall by the wayside.

In this Technological oriented world being Computer literate is crucial.

Coding is one of the area where it is vital it should be taught at an early age,  as it is a language the sooner the better

My own experience with my children indicates it is way down the league of importance.It would be interesting from a survey to see what have students learned from computer class when they complete there senior cycle. At present computer class is limited to an hour a week.

The DOE & Science have invested in IT in schools over the years but the idea of having a  computer room as the only resource is outdated. An hour a week in the Computer class  is not sufficient,the use of tablets in the classroom as an aid is a necessity.The computer Room places a part for more demanding software and teaching tools where the tablet  cannot fill that need.

Also there is a lot more than supplying computer equipment, there is also the computer literacy of the Teachers and by computer literacy I don’t mean the ability to turn on a PC

Teacher must also be familiar with the latest software to enhance there particular subject and not have a negative attitude to technology.This can be done by introducing beginners/refresher courses for the teachers.

The use of  Tablets  where it is integrated in the classroom as part of there everyday routine will encourage students to see the use of technology as productive and not just for entertainment. One area is the storage of schoolbooks electronically is a huge advantage,the cost of schoolbooks outweighs any cost of purchasing of a tablet, allowing also for discounts for group purchases.

See attached video of school in England recognizing the importance of coding and the importance of introducing this early to the children

Trial schools should be analyzed to see the most effective ways of implementing from the students and teachers point of view,Ignoring any negative views that want to discourage technology on the basis of there own prejudices. The schools listed below use tablets as part of school life.

Coláiste Treasa in Kanturk, Co Cork

St Kevin’s, Crumlin, in South Dublin,

Just to conclude Technology is good but it if is not used effectively it next to useless.Storing school books is only one area but it needs to be used in a productive way software relating to future employment in the outside world  as listed below to name a few


Graphic Design

Maths Software (General)

Word Processing/Accounting Packages

Programming,Coding,HTML,Games Design


Web Design

There is also the off/sleep  button which should be used to give computers and students a rest and not forgetting the art of communication and the 3 Rs.



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