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  1. Peter Duggan says:


    I have a HP laptop that is a few years old. My brother downloads everything to it. I was wondering if you could clear/ clean it to speed it up and make it safer and get it back to the original (without all the stuff he has added). If so could you give me a price.


  2. Audrey Keegan says:


    I was wondering can you quote me for something. I wish to wipe an old laptop and maybe upgrade it with some new memory. It is just to serve as a started laptop for a 10 year old. The laptop is a hewlet packard.

    I was wodnering how much something like that would cost?



    • derek says:

      Hi sorry about delay getting back to you my normal rate is €35 per hour but i will assess it first to see what can be done and approx time reqd .My address is 6 belarmine sq stepaside d18 0879804977 are you local?

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